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What are my TV Choices?

Satellite TV Offers

Satellite TV Offers

DirecTV, Dish Network
  • DirecTV and Dish Network are available almost anywhere in the US
  • Satellite TV packages start at a great low price (some around $19.99!)
  • You don't have to worry about switching providers ever! Satellite moves with you
  • You can get great extras like free Showtime & HBO for a period of time!
  • Watch tons of On Demand movies and TV shows
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Cable TV Offers

Cable TV Offers

Time Warner, Comcast, Charter, Cox
  • Cox, Charter, Time Warner and Comcast are all great cable TV choices
  • Starting as low as $19.99, cable TV packages are affordable
  • Coaxial cable is laid out almost everywhere in the US for great accessibility
  • Bundle up! High-speed internet, phone and cable together means savings!
  • Many cable providers are offering streaming On Demand content
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Internet TV Offers

Internet TV Offers

Hulu, Netflix
  • Netflix and Hulu are both great streaming TV choices
  • Internet TV is still at an incredible price (less than $10/month in cases)
  • Libraries of shows and movies are huge with both Hulu and Netflix
  • Even without cable/satellite, you'll have tons of hours of entertainment to watch
  • Internet TV is a great way to supplement your existing TV service
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What are my TV Choices?

"What are my TV Choices?" you might ask. Looking for the best TV providers deals is always difficult. Even if you think that providers like Cox, Comcast, FiOS, Dish Network or another may be the only TV entertainment provider in your area, we can show you otherwise. Each type of provider has its benefits and drawbacks. Television can cost you thousands of dollars a year. But it doesn't have to so don't pay any more than you have to.

The ins and outs of cable TV

Cable TV technology is probably the one that you are most used to. With the coaxial cable, the cable TV company can allow you access to their TV and internet signals which are encoded on their end and decoded on your end (by TV tuner or modem). Now spreading to satellite TV as well, cable TV companies have, over the last decade or so, included the option to bundle three standard services (cable TV, internet and phone) allowing you to save money on the comprehensive package. Satellite TV may be the best option for you if you are unable to get cable TV (perhaps due to a lack of coaxial cable run to your house). "What are my TV Choices?" - this and many other questions can be answered by us at TV Choices!

Technology behind satellite TV

Satellites broadcast the television signal across the United States. Without having the need for the coaxial cable, satellite TV allows almost anybody in the US to have great television entertainment. Similar to a cable TV decoder, your receiver is able to decode the signal from the satellite and provide you with your TV entertainment. Without having to depend on miles of cable, satellite's reliable wireless system can always bring you the best TV. If you are unable to get cable TV or are just looking for great satellite TV deals, then give TV Choices a call!

Streaming Television

Probably the future of television, IPTV (internet protocol television) is a haven of on-demand programming. Viewers get to control what they watch and when they watch it. Pause their shows. Rewind their shows. Find new shows. There is so much in the continually growing archives that they will satiate almost everyone. Streaming TV is such an incredible way of catching up on shows or movies. Having that freedom of access is a great achievement in the world of entertainment. One issue that streaming TV providers face is that they are not the producers of the shows and so initial airings are out of their hands. If you are looking for newer material though, you may be out of luck. Most streaming providers have lag behind cable TV or satellite TV when it comes to airing new TV shows. Hulu is a little bit better than Netflix at this but it is something to consider when choosing a streaming TV option.

Get all your answers about TV providers with TV Choices!

As you can see, there are many choices when it comes to which TV provider is right for you. Most of these providers have the same content - the same channels, the same TV shows, the same movies. There are many choices to make and it can be daunting. Make sure you call the right people so you end up getting what works for you! "What are my TV Choices?" Call TV Choices about your options to get the clear picture!